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Abbey Kochert

2015 Graduate
Major: Interior Design and Space Planning
Minor: Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Abbey Kochert

Hey everyone!

My name is Abbey Kochert and like many others, I am a proud graduate of Purdue University, but more specifically, the College of Liberal Arts. I graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design + Space Planning and a minor in Organizational Leadership and Supervision.

While those identifiers influenced my time at Purdue, they did not define my time, but rather shaped and created the foundation for the opportunities the College of Liberal Arts had to offer. Opportunities were abundant in nature, but widely diversified, assisting me in discovering my interests and reinforcing my values and the community I wished to surround myself with. Limitations were non-existent except for the ones I created, reinforcing the all too familiar phrase, “The world was my oyster”.

Life has a strange way of coming full circle. As a West Lafayette native or “townie,” I honestly never gave attending Purdue much thought. Rebellious in nature, I hoped to spread my wings upon graduating high school and land in a different state to start my college career. Although I came from a long line of Boilermakers and was well versed in Boiler Up culture, I was completely unaware of Purdue’s strengths, one being the College of Liberal Arts. Given my desire to pursue a creative vocation, I dug a little deeper and discovered not only did Purdue offer an Interior Design program, but it was nationally ranked. Game, set, match.

Despite my familiarity with campus, my time at Purdue was stand alone - its own memories and its own opportunities; my home away from home. Once on campus, I hit the ground running absorbing every bit of energy the college and university had to offer. I had the distinct honor to serve as a Dammon Dean’s Scholar, a member of the College of Liberal Arts Leadership Council, a Visual and Performing Arts tour guide, and a Visual Communications Design Department research assistant. I worked alongside the Liberal Arts Alumni board on several occasions and had the honor to discuss the current climate of the college and future opportunities for both staff and the student body. At every turn, I was challenged, supported, and encouraged to not only be myself, but never lose my sense of curiosity - a value I am forever grateful for learning and implementing.

The relationships I had developed through the Purdue alumni network paved the way for once-in-a-lifetime opportunities working for Macy’s corporate design team, as well as participating in the Walt Disney College Program. Friendships opened doors I never thought to pursue, such as working for a non-profit organization in Los Angeles immediately following graduation before jumping headfirst into the Indianapolis design industry. I spent two entire months driving cross country in a Honda Pilot educating students of all ages about the global water crisis - 100% surreal and 100% awesome.

I can confidently say I would not be where I am, but more importantly who I am, without the experiences, opportunities, and platforms Purdue provided, but more specifically the College of Liberal Arts. I am beyond proud to not only continue a family tradition, but bleed Black and Gold. Ever grateful, ever true.