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Anne Franke

2020 Graduate
Major: English Education
Minors: History, German

Anne Franke

My name is Anne Franke and I studied English Education with minors in History and German. These minors allowed me to add these areas to my licensure for teaching. I accepted a job in Cleveland, Ohio, to teach English and history.

I am so thankful for the opportunities that Purdue has given me, including the chances to study abroad. I have completed two study abroad trips in my time here. I went to Greece for one week, studying ancient cultures; I have also been in Berlin, Germany for eight weeks in the summer, studying the language.

I chose the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue because it gave me the opportunity to know my professors on a personal level, while also attending a Big Ten university. The size of Purdue allowed me to become close friends with business majors, engineering majors, and agriculture majors -- an opportunity that I know I would not have elsewhere.

The student life at Purdue is phenomenal and I loved how everyone gets so excited about the sporting events. One tradition at Purdue is the “Sixth Man” of the basketball games. This is the student section, and they are announced with the typical starting five of the game. Another tradition on game day, regardless of what sport, is that the Boilermaker Special, our mascot, will drive around campus.

I love the traditions that Purdue celebrates, and I am thankful that I have been able to be part of them these past four years.