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Abby Jacobs


Abby Jacobs

Hi, my name is Abby Jacobs. I’m from Pendleton, Indiana, double majoring in Linguistics and Political Science with a minor in Spanish. Here at Purdue, I have had so many opportunities to be an active member of the Boilermaker community, even during a pandemic. Currently, I am involved in the Honors College, the Exponent (Purdue’s newspaper), and the Anvil (a student organization centered around entrepreneurship). These activities have given me the opportunity to make new friends, broaden my horizons, and develop new interests, all while refining my communication and leadership skills.

I love being a CLA student at Purdue because 1) the CLA curriculum provides guidance while also allowing lots of academic freedom, 2) Purdue is a big school (which can feel overwhelming at times) and the CLA works to create a sort of tight-knit community feel, and 3) I feel that the CLA has provided me with so many resources and opportunities for growth.

Purdue’s College of Liberal Arts has allowed me to connect with both students and faculty to pursue my academic interests. I also feel that the environment within the CLA promotes critical thinking, an active approach to learning, and diversity of thought. All of these values contribute to the academic vitality here at Purdue.

I chose to major in Linguistics because in high school, my favorite classes were language classes. After taking both Spanish and French, I realized that I was interested in learning more about language. I also decided to add on a Political Science major because I have always been interested in politics and power structures.

My favorite experience at Purdue so far has been Early Start. Early Start allows students to start taking courses on campus at Purdue before the fall of their freshman year. In the summer of 2020, I was able to take several classes while familiarizing myself with the campus. I made some of the best friends I’ve ever had during Early Start, and even during a pandemic, I was able to (safely and responsibly) make lots of great memories (and all this before most freshmen even set foot on campus!).

Lastly, I value my education here at Purdue because I feel that Purdue provides such a broad range of opportunities that students of many diverse backgrounds can mold their Purdue education to fit their own academic and career goals. I myself had a relatively unique educational experience before I came to Purdue — I graduated high school a year early. This meant that I was able to start at Purdue at only 16. However, despite my unique educational background and my age, I feel that I had just as many opportunities as other students. Purdue gave me the opportunity to get a year ahead and dive into my passions a year earlier than my high school peers.

Ultimately, at Purdue, and specifically within the CLA, I have had the opportunity to pursue my academic interests, make meaningful connections with students and faculty, and — most importantly —challenge myself. As a Boilermaker, I have had a multitude of opportunities and resources to challenge myself and grow.