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Jessie Keppler

Major: Political Science
Minors: Law & Society, Business Economics

Jessie Keppler

Hello! My name is Jessie Keppler and I majored in Political Science with minors in Law & Society and Business Economics. I am from Moraga, California, which is about a 40-minute drive from San Francisco. Being from out of state, a lot of people wonder why I chose Purdue, and that is what I am here to tell you!

The first thing that attracted me to Purdue was the incredible amount of support that they provide for their students. As someone on the path to law school, the pre-law advising office is an extremely helpful resource for me. I was able to get advice on how to register for the LSAT, write my personal statement, and pick the best schools for me to apply to from my advisor. This support helped to relieve a lot of the stress of applying to law school, and it is a completely free and easy resource that all Purdue students have access to.

One thing that surprised me about Purdue was its study abroad options. I had always thought that bigger schools didn’t put as much emphasis on studying abroad as smaller colleges did, but, at Purdue, it was different. There is a huge list of programs that students can apply for. I have actually been on two of Purdue’s study abroad programs and had such an amazing experience on both of them. The first was to Dublin, Ireland on a two-week public health program after school got out in May 2019. Then, in the spring semester of 2020, I went to London. Spending an entire semester in a different country was an amazing experience that enriched my understanding of culture and added another layer to the overall education I am receiving from Purdue. 

The advice that I have for prospective students is to not be worried if you don’t know what you want to do yet. Going to a school like Purdue gives you amazing opportunities to discover what interests you. I didn’t go to Purdue intending to have the two minors that I have or to be a part of the clubs that I am in. It all happened because, as I grew at Purdue and learned more about what I was interested in, I had the opportunity to add things to my plate. There are so many ways for you to dip your foot into things to see if you want to commit further to them, and taking these opportunities will teach you so much about yourself and what you enjoy.

I know that the decision you are about to make is very difficult. I was in your shoes just a few years ago and, if I could go back and change it, I wouldn’t. I wish you luck as you move into the next chapter of your education and I hope that, wherever you end up, you are able to create the fond memories and find the incredible experiences that I have been able to have at Purdue University. Boiler Up!