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Anna Adamsson

Major: Global Studies
Minors: Spanish, Peace Studies, & Environmental Politics and Policy

Anna Adamsson

Hi! My name is Anna Adamsson and I majored in Global Studies with minors in Spanish, Peace Studies, and Environmental Politics and Policy.

Growing up in suburban Indiana, I decided very early on that I wanted to live in a city. My college search reflected that desire as I concentrated on well-known and large Liberal Arts Universities on the East Coast in or near big cities.

Purdue University did not quite fit that mold, but it had one thing that no other university I looked at had - a community not only of students, but that included incredibly engaged and passionate professors. The Director of the Global Studies program is on a first name basis with all of us and meets with us regularly to get to know our passions. That is something I guarantee you only find at Purdue in the College of Liberal Arts.

When I came to Purdue for my freshman year of college, I went to a bunch of club callouts (there’s nearly 1000 student organizations to choose from after all!). I joined the political science honor society (open to all global studies majors) and went to their “research workshop” just 5 weeks into my studies at Purdue. Two months later (still in the first semester of my freshman year) and I had a job as a paid research assistant at the Purdue Policy Research Institute. I studied women’s movements in Africa for a year. Then, with the support of my mentors, I began my own research specifically on West Africa. I presented that research when I was a sophomore at an undergraduate research conference in Washington D.C.

I was one of only two sophomores presenting at the conference of over one hundred undergraduates from across the country. The other sophomore presenting their research was also from Purdue University. Not only are there opportunities to get involved in research at Purdue, but the College of Liberal Arts wants you to get involved and so they give you all the resources you need to start (mentors, established projects, funding).

In addition to research, I also have gotten the opportunity to travel. Through the Honors College, I used my Fall Break to engage with refugee communities in Columbus, Ohio. Before I even started my freshman year, I traveled to Peru for two weeks with Purdue’s study abroad office. In Summer 2019, I had the transformational opportunity to work with the US Embassy in Colombia on a women and peacebuilding project with a number of my peers at Colombian Universities. I not only made lifelong friendships and got to immerse myself in the Spanish language and Colombian culture, but I also learned a lot about the right way to work with and center the needs, ideas, and expertise of the community that I am working with. I continued working with those communities and they were a vital part of my senior thesis for Global Studies.

If I had to pick my favorite thing about Global Studies at Purdue, it would be that I did not just identify as a Global Studies student. The Global Studies degree is built upon the idea of interdisciplinary study so many of my classes are in other departments, like sociology and anthropology. My mentors were not just Global Studies faculty (the likes of whom include the Director of the Purdue Policy Research Institute and the Assistant Dean of the National and International Scholarships Office), but some of my closest relationships were with professors in the political science department. The College of Liberal Arts at Purdue creates an environment where you’re welcomed into the classrooms and office hours of professors in every discipline. I am a Global Studies student and a student of sociology and political science and a student of the College of Liberal Arts at Purdue.

I would need a much higher word count and a lot more of your time to share all the amazing opportunities I have gotten to have during my years at Purdue, but hopefully this was enough of a glimpse into my experiences to express why I am grateful every day for choosing the Purdue College of Liberal Arts.