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Lexi Hiland

2013 Graduate
Major: Film and Video Studies
Minors: Creative Writing and Sociology

Lexi Hiland

How to begin about the greatest school on the planet? It’s hard to find the words. Purdue means so much to me and every time I step back on campus, I am hit with a rush of the same excitement I had when I first got there.

My name is Lexi Hiland and I’m a 2013 graduate from the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) with a major in Film/Video Studies and minors in Creative Writing and Sociology.

The first time I visited Purdue was in high school when a friend of mine started attending. I went to high school about an hour away, so I was able to go visit. I loved it right away, and the people I met had become familiar faces. I actually ended up living in the same dorm (Shreve) that my friend did her freshman year!

When I got accepted, I was nonetheless excited. I signed up to rush for a sorority (Kappa Alpha Theta), and right away campus began to feel smaller. I came to Purdue undecided in terms of my major, but after learning about Film/Video being an interdisciplinary major option, I took it! It combined my love for the arts: music, writing, editing, drawing, etc. The College of Liberal Arts became my home, and I still can recall many of my core classes I attended through the college.

It took about a year to get adjusted to campus, but after I felt comfortable and had a good routine, I started getting involved. I joined Old Masters (an alumni program), a Greek Week committee, intramural sports, Campus House Church, and Student Government. I was elected as student body vice president for my junior/senior year.

In my junior year, I traveled to London for a summer and was an intern for the 2012 London Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies. It was the most incredible experience of my life, and you can watch a video I made for my Mass Movement team here.

I was granted this study abroad option through an alumnus I met through the Old Masters program on campus. He had connections to the Olympic games, and bada boom, I was off!

A few years after I graduated, I was asked to return to to speak at the TEDx conference about my documentary work about my adoption story. There’s no other place I would rather do a speech, and it felt really special since my journey started at Purdue.

Overall, I have kept extremely valuable relationships with counselors, advisors, faculty, and professors throughout the years since I’ve graduated. Once I established myself as a freelance filmmaker, I was able to work with CLA, and that grew to other video work in other colleges, as well.

Beyond professional and network development, Purdue CLA holds a special place in my heart because of the PEOPLE. I grew as an individual because of the incredible support around me and was challenged to always think above and beyond what was required. I dreamt of big things I could accomplish and learned how to care for my fellow classmates and friends.

I would highly recommend reaching out to myself and/or others who are able to speak of their experience at Purdue. There are plenty who would jump at the opportunity to recall some of the best days of their lives. If something in your gut is telling you to explore Purdue further, I would dig in. Do lots of research and ask a lot of questions.

There is so much opportunity ahead and there’s no better place to start your path than in the liberal arts at Purdue. Wherever your road takes you, imagine as large as possible and always Boiler Up!