Made By History

In an ever-changing media landscape where the truth is being contested, Kathryn Cramer Brownell, assistant professor of history, seeks to bridge the gap between the breadth of academia and the accessibility of traditional news sources. She is a co-editor of Made by History, a new website published by The Washington Post that adds historical context […]

Liberal Arts Works

The Liberal Arts Career Center helps students launch their careers. Through company partnerships, alumni connections, and career-focused programming, the Career Center works to help students gain practical experience alongside their academics and get a foot in the door with potential employers. The Job-Ready program provides financial support—up to $2,000—to make nonpaid or low-paid career-launching internship […]

Interdisciplinary engagement

For people with community service ingrained in them, the question is not whether to get involved, but where. Venetria Patton, head of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and professor of English and African American studies, knew she would continue her work with the NAACP when she moved to the Lafayette area in 2003. However, it […]