What’s bugging you?

Alison Kirkham knows that bugs have a PR problem. Millions of Americans are at minimum uneasy about coming into contact with insects, if not terrified or disgusted by their presence. And when it comes to actually eating one of these critters? Forget about it. But why is it that in much of Western culture, crustaceans […]

What Google can tell us

Online searches concerning flu symptoms doubled over the last two days in Houston, potentially signaling an outbreak in America’s fourth-largest city. Real-time satellite data from Global Forest Watch shows that protected forestland in Oregon has been cleared overnight. Could it be the result of illegal logging activity? The Waze app shows traffic backing up miles […]

Powered by a passion for history

As one might expect from a conversation with one of Purdue’s most notable lecturers, a theme quickly develops when Randy Roberts discusses his profession. Now in his 30th year as a Purdue faculty member, Roberts has a passion for the research that informs his work as a historian. As evidenced by the mountain of biographies […]