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Brad Bodine

Brad Bodine wrote a song to honor his father 30 years ago. He has been trying to pay similar tribute to his mother ever since, but has never been satisfied with the results – until now. “Everything I composed in honor of my mother fell short,” said Bodine, a continuing lecturer of music theory in […]

Partnering with the people


The initial aim of the Agincourt Health and Socio-Demographic Surveillance System was to assess and improve local health processes in a rural region of northeast South Africa. However, the work done there over the last 27 years has evolved beyond the boundaries of that simple objective. Since the site launched in 1992 – at the […]

Filtering ethics into data science

Data Science

Even in Purdue’s Lawson Computer Science Building – home to the first computer science department created in the United States – it is possible to find a link to the liberal arts. A group of undergraduate and graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines will meet at Lawson in May for a tech workshop […]