Adding to the conversation

Matthew Kroll

Matthew Kroll likes to joke with his philosophy students about the olden days where he would accompany his father to a brick-and-mortar bank. “You would have to walk into a bank and speak with a person and take out checks and give them cash. Now that’s all done online,” Kroll said. “You can scan a […]

Sharing maker culture

Korean visitors

When a group of Korean citizens visited earlier this semester to learn about U.S. maker culture, they had a perfect tour guide in TJ Kim. The associate professor of industrial design’s work actually laid the groundwork for a Korean government policy encouraging the development of 350 makerspaces in the country by 2022. “Everyone’s interested in […]

Reducing the stigma around mental health

Wendy Kline

“Mental health” has become a topic of frequent conversation on college campuses. Universities across the United States are grappling with ways to create a positive atmosphere for their students, but what does it mean to nurture mental health in education? Is it through medical services alone? And what do we know about mental healthcare today? […]