How presidents communicate

Brian Lamb 1

Not only has Brian Lamb visited the gravesite of every deceased U.S. president, he has also seen every vice president’s burial site with his own two eyes. Reading about and viewing photographs of these historic sites was not sufficient for the C-SPAN founder. So of course Lamb felt motivated to provide experiential learning opportunities to […]

Honoring her ancestors

Phoebe Farris

When NASA was preparing to name the farthest object ever visited by spacecraft, it asked the National Museum of the American Indian for help. The NMAI pointed the space agency’s representatives toward Phoebe Farris. NASA wanted to name the object Arrokoth, or “sky” in the Algonquian languages spoken by the Pamunkey and other tribes in lands now known as Virginia, Maryland, and the District […]

Front-row seat in Iowa


When Brian Lamb first placed a C-SPAN camera inside an Iowa caucus location, many Americans – including some Iowans – had no clue how the process actually worked. The public affairs cable network Lamb founded has televised the Iowa caucuses each presidential election year since that 1984 debut, but intrigue still surrounds this chaotic method […]