Sign of the times

Signs for letters A,S & L

Lauren Romanchek remembers the moment from her childhood when Santa Claus became real. It happened while watching a memorable scene in the 1994 remake of “Miracle on 34th Street,” where Santa meets a Deaf child and is able to communicate with her – singing “Jingle Bells” and discussing her Christmas wish list – by using […]

Vehicle for change

West Lafayette police car

The nature and scope of American policework underwent massive change across the last century, and one factor drove much of that evolution: the automobile’s emergence as a viable, and eventually dominant, form of transportation. The car’s role was so pivotal, in fact, that Spencer Headworth, an assistant professor of sociology, developed an entire course around […]

Parks project is perfectly Purdue

WL Wellness Center

In the realm of the town and gown, a recent collaboration between the Purdue anthropology department and the City of West Lafayette is a certified win-win. Focused on the $34 million West Lafayette Wellness Center, which opened in February, this is the most recent municipal project involving Purdue’s applied anthropology students as part of an […]