In her own words: Holly Okonkwo

Holly Okonkwo

Holly Okonkwo studies how race, gender, and place affect the experiences of women scientists and technologists of color. The applied anthropologist has worked with women in both the U.S. and Africa to gain a sense of their place within the science community. Here, in her own words, the assistant professor of anthropology describes what she […]

Living the data life

Data Mine

Data is often called a language – one that few people speak well. On the other hand, those who are proficient with data and technology might not be as effective when it comes to writing a report, giving an oral presentation, or speaking a foreign language. What if we could change that? The Data Mine […]

Filtering ethics into data science

Data Science

Even in Purdue’s Lawson Computer Science Building – home to the first computer science department created in the United States – it is possible to find a link to the liberal arts. A group of undergraduate and graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines will meet at Lawson in May for a tech workshop […]