Why we need to expand our environmental vocabulary

Before we make giant leaps toward a sustainable world, Zoe Nyssa suggests we start with a small step. In her lecture “We Need to Talk (About How We Talk) About the Environment,” the assistant professor of anthropology explores how simply expanding our environmental vocabulary can potentially lead to more innovative responses to climate change. “When […]

Researching Earhart’s legacy

Jessica Perkins remembers gravitating toward children’s biographies of Amelia Earhart in elementary school. Rachel Small wanted to learn about the famous aviator when she noticed Earhart was often the only woman featured in her local bookstore’s exhibits on historical figures. “When I was little, I’d go to Barnes and Noble and they always had those […]

What’s bugging you?

Alison Kirkham knows that bugs have a PR problem. Millions of Americans are at minimum uneasy about coming into contact with insects, if not terrified or disgusted by their presence. And when it comes to actually eating one of these critters? Forget about it. But why is it that in much of Western culture, crustaceans […]