Prime-time player

Jack Klink

When most TV shows halted production this spring amid COVID-19, Jack Klink, a 2015 graduate in film and video studies, seized the opportunity to edit segments for three at-home “Saturday Night Live” episodes. An innovative filmmaker, cinematographer and editor, Klink had previously worked with “SNL” cast member Chloe Fineman, filming and editing online videos. The […]

Polarized politics

Pizza and Politics

How do citizens’ emotions affect the ways they engage with news and politics, and what role does listening – and the desire to be heard – play in their willingness to participate in the political process? Understanding these issues seems especially important in this polarized era, and research by two Department of Political Science faculty […]

Facilitating tough conversations

The Argument

In a year that began with a pandemic and will end with a presidential election, there has rarely been a greater period of – or opportunity for – political divisiveness in the modern age.  Marcus Mann, assistant professor of sociology, refers to the country’s present condition as “the golden age of political polarization,” abetted in […]