An artist’s voice

Delita Martin

Delita Martin is happy she was alone when she went to see “The Photograph.” Martin knew that some of her artwork might be featured in the Issa Rae-Lakeith Stanfield movie that premiered earlier this year. Writer and director Stella Meghie had specifically requested it, after all. But it wasn’t until she saw it on the […]

Meet Emerging Voice Award winner Emily Haas

Emily Haas

Motivated by a cousin’s death in a motorcycle accident, Emily Haas felt a personal connection to a public safety project in which she worked as a Purdue student. The 2012 Ph.D. recipient in health communication gained hands-on experience while working in the Motorcycle Safety @ Purdue campaign launched by Brian Lamb School of Communication head […]

Meet Emerging Voice Award winner Sarah Kyle

Sarah Kyle

Sarah Kyle remembers studying political science as a Purdue undergraduate and realizing that she wanted to someday work in Washington, D.C., influencing the legislative process just like those she saw on C-SPAN video clips in class. Kyle achieved that goal by working as a congressional staff member for Rep. Tim Roemer and Sen. Evan Bayh […]