At their fingertips

Seth Rogen

Melanie Morgan and Jennifer Hall frequently offer a simple instruction to those teaching courses in speech and communication. “Don’t tell them, show them.” In “Presentations That Matter” – co-written with Lindsey Anderson, who in 2014 completed a doctorate in organizational communication at Purdue – the Purdue faculty members applied that mantra in textbook form. Rather than simply […]

Archaeology by drone


Imagine you are an archaeologist studying an island that has been uninhabited for centuries. You are able to identify locations where houses and churches once stood, but the vegetation on the island is so overgrown that it is nearly impossible to tell where one crumbled building ends and another begins. What do you do? This […]

Human touch

Machu Picchu

Not so long ago, Joe Tort recalls taking regular calls from distraught students who were struggling to adapt to the cultural differences they experienced while studying or working abroad. The director of Purdue’s Global Engineering Alliance for Research and Education (GEARE) program, Tort hardly ever takes those calls anymore – a change he attributes to […]