Facilitating tough conversations

The Argument

In a year that began with a pandemic and will end with a presidential election, there has rarely been a greater period of – or opportunity for – political divisiveness in the modern age.  Marcus Mann, assistant professor of sociology, refers to the country’s present condition as “the golden age of political polarization,” abetted in […]

Seeing sounds

Corinne Feight

Corinne Feight is on a mission to make the home a safer place for people with hearing loss. Feight – a 2013 Purdue graduate in professional writing and photography – co-invented SEE SOUND, the world’s first smart home hearing system for the Deaf and hard of hearing. She created the device in partnership with Kristen […]

Perspective via podcast


Casual listeners probably will not notice, but Matthew Kroll occasionally catches it in the sound of his own voice.  Kroll and cohort Caroline Cross spent several weeks over the summer recording and editing new coronavirus-related episodes of “The Grindstone,” the Department of Philosophy’s podcast. Mirroring the way daily news cycles have included wild shifts between depressing developments and periods of optimism, […]