Laura Anne Fry: An artistic legacy

Laura Anne Fry's paint box

From 1890 until she retired in 1922, Laura Anne Fry developed an arts curriculum that, as Judith Vale Newton and Carol Ann Weiss assert in “Skirting the Issue: Stories of Indiana’s Historical Women Artists,” attracted “so many students to the art department and the university as a whole that [Purdue’s] enrollment outnumbered their primary in-state […]

The Purdue OWL turns 25


Did you know that the Purdue website that attracts the most traffic is not, nor is it the site for Purdue sports? Nope, it’s the Purdue Online Writing Lab, which started 25 years ago as a delivery device for the Purdue University Writing Lab’s wealth of resource documents and instructional material. “The coolest thing […]

The OWL at 25: The Future

Mickey Harris

Dave Taylor had the foresight to understand why it would be useful to create an online home for the Purdue Writing Lab’s instructional handouts before most folks even understood that the World Wide Web existed. But even Taylor would have struggled to predict how technological advancements would change things in the 25 years since he […]