Global reach

TJ Boisseau

In 1945, Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas introduced legislation to use funds from surplus war materials to support a new international educational exchange program dedicated to supporting peaceful relationships between the United States and other countries. More than 380,000 scholars – approximately 8,000 per year – and 155 nations have participated in the Fulbright […]

Broadening perspectives

Statue of Liberty

An American Studies program could easily become an exercise in navel-gazing, with U.S.-born scholars and students examining the nation’s role as a global leader. Purdue’s 55-year-old American Studies program – one of the oldest of its kind – does not take that approach. It prides itself on its international ties, with multiple faculty members who […]

From childhood interest to academic pursuit


Pedro Bassoe’s interest in languages and cultures dates back to childhood. For one thing, his mother is originally from Rio de Janeiro, so Bassoe and his family made frequent trips to Brazil to visit his grandmother and cousins. “Everybody would speak to me in Portuguese, so I was always interested in what other languages and […]