Malcolm and Muhammad

Randy Roberts

To Randy Roberts, the tragic friendship between Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali is more than a compelling story from the American past. As with much of history, the past can provide a useful lens for thinking about today’s world. “I think history is endlessly relevant, and the story of Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X shows […]

Perspective via podcast


Casual listeners probably will not notice, but Matthew Kroll occasionally catches it in the sound of his own voice.  Kroll and cohort Caroline Cross spent several weeks over the summer recording and editing new coronavirus-related episodes of “The Grindstone,” the Department of Philosophy’s podcast. Mirroring the way daily news cycles have included wild shifts between depressing developments and periods of optimism, […]

Their quarantine stories

Balcony in Italy during quarantine

As a fan of Brandon Stanton’s “Humans of New York” project, Amanda Mayes has come to appreciate that everyone has a story to tell.  Stanton’s memorable interview series came to mind this spring when Mayes and her Purdue Student Life co-workers discussed outreach during the coronavirus shutdown. She had a revelation: Why not invite students to share their own tales of […]