New Directions in History

Kim Gallon

The way Frederick Rowe Davis sees it, his department’s “New Directions in History” series is valuable on multiple levels. For starters, it enriches the intellectual conversation at Purdue by bringing innovative historical scholars to campus to share their wealth of knowledge. An added benefit is that it also allows junior faculty members to interact with […]

Global reach

TJ Boisseau

In 1945, Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas introduced legislation to use funds from surplus war materials to support a new international educational exchange program dedicated to supporting peaceful relationships between the United States and other countries. More than 380,000 scholars – approximately 8,000 per year – and 155 nations have participated in the Fulbright […]

Reaching a broader audience

Randy Roberts

Randy Roberts is a celebrity within the boundaries of the Purdue campus because of his engaging lectures on wars, pop culture, and sports history. The 150th Anniversary Professor and Distinguished Professor of History believes those in his profession have a responsibility to present their knowledge to the general public, as well. “I teach classes, so […]