Sign of the times

Signs for letters A,S & L

Lauren Romanchek remembers the moment from her childhood when Santa Claus became real. It happened while watching a memorable scene in the 1994 remake of “Miracle on 34th Street,” where Santa meets a Deaf child and is able to communicate with her – singing “Jingle Bells” and discussing her Christmas wish list – by using […]

Virtually visiting Japan

Virtual reality

Walking through his hometown of Tokyo, you might see some of Kazumi Hatasa’s old haunts. A restaurant with carefully crafted dishes, welcoming neighborhoods he explored with friends, the beautiful nature he enjoyed. But then you slip off your headset and remember that you never left West Lafayette. For Hatasa, chair of East Asian languages and […]

Archaeology by drone


Imagine you are an archaeologist studying an island that has been uninhabited for centuries. You are able to identify locations where houses and churches once stood, but the vegetation on the island is so overgrown that it is nearly impossible to tell where one crumbled building ends and another begins. What do you do? This […]