Creating new languages

Daenerys Targaryen

When Daenerys Targaryen speaks Valyrian or Dothraki on “Game of Thrones,” she might be a made-up character in a fantasy world, but she’s speaking languages that are very real. Such created languages are both fictional and functional, following a longstanding trend in the entertainment industry where linguists develop actual languages that add authenticity to the […]

There’s no shame in ‘Learning to Read’


Seated at a table in the Wea Ridge Elementary School resource center with three fellow fourth graders and Purdue student volunteer Nathan Macatangay, Carol Munoz excitedly described the afterschool program she attends every Wednesday. “This is one of my favorite classes out of all the years I’ve been to it,” she said, noting that she […]

Meet associate professor John Sundquist

Outstanding instruction is the foundation for everything Purdue students and researchers accomplish. Somewhere along their path to discovery were teachers who sparked their interests and inspired them to achieve in the classroom, in the field, or in the laboratory. By presenting the Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award to up to six faculty members […]