A fairer wage

Patrick Hagmaier

The problem had been on Patrick Hagmaier’s mind prior to COVID-19, but the pandemic’s economic fallout hammered home its urgency. America’s tipped wage system is broken, and that was the case even before the coronavirus flambéed the service industry. “You put people in a situation where everyone in the room is your boss and every […]

Perspective via podcast


Casual listeners probably will not notice, but Matthew Kroll occasionally catches it in the sound of his own voice.  Kroll and cohort Caroline Cross spent several weeks over the summer recording and editing new coronavirus-related episodes of “The Grindstone,” the Department of Philosophy’s podcast. Mirroring the way daily news cycles have included wild shifts between depressing developments and periods of optimism, […]

Studying religion at Purdue

Purdue Religion 1

Religion is a bigger part of Purdue’s history than most people realize, but studying religion at Purdue is a fairly recent development. In fact, the two of us have witnessed, and actively participated in, most of it – Jim as a sociologist of religion, Don as a philosopher emphasizing Eastern religions, especially Buddhism. Here is the story, as we understand […]