‘Guide on the side’

Natasha Duncan

Natasha Duncan’s administrative role in the Honors College – she serves as Associate Dean of International Education and Affairs – prevents her from spending as much time in the classroom as she once did for the Department of Political Science. But while her role at Purdue may have changed, Duncan’s influence over the university’s undergraduate […]

Rethinking electric transportation

electric car

Rosalee Clawson and her cohorts do not simply want to encourage electric vehicle (EV) usage. The team of scholars’ goal is more ambitious than that. They want to electrify the roads themselves, thereby making EVs a practical and affordable option for many more citizens. Clawson, a professor in the Department of Political Science, is a […]

Polarized politics

Pizza and Politics

How do citizens’ emotions affect the ways they engage with news and politics, and what role does listening – and the desire to be heard – play in their willingness to participate in the political process? Understanding these issues seems especially important in this polarized era, and research by two Department of Political Science faculty […]