Showing the way

Mentorship chat

Not so long ago, Macey Warren was a Brian Lamb School of Communication upperclassman who felt uncertain about how to take her first professional steps. “I was really nervous about how to message someone on LinkedIn and ask for their time or how to ask them about their role,” said Warren, who graduated in 2019 […]

Cross-generational collaborators

Alyson Braden

When Alyson Braden accompanied Purdue roommate Loran Pelecky’s family on a trip to Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks, she got more than she anticipated. Beyond simply enjoying a fun vacation, Braden also met a future creative collaborator: Loran’s grandmother, Debbie. “She kind of became an adopted granddaughter when she would come with Loran on vacation, […]

Millennial marketers

Greensburg team

Economic development officials everywhere deal with the same problem. In this digital age, what is the most effective way to present a community online so that it will appeal to citizens and businesses who might consider moving there? Throughout the spring semester, Purdue students taking Problems in Public Relations (COM 353) worked with the Purdue […]