Laura Anne Fry: An artistic legacy

Laura Anne Fry's paint box

From 1890 until she retired in 1922, Laura Anne Fry developed an arts curriculum that, as Judith Vale Newton and Carol Ann Weiss assert in “Skirting the Issue: Stories of Indiana’s Historical Women Artists,” attracted “so many students to the art department and the university as a whole that [Purdue’s] enrollment outnumbered their primary in-state […]

Gaming with historical context

Scott Phillips

As a young gamer, Scott Phillips loved to program, assemble computers, and complete other technical tasks. However, Phillips knew he needed to develop his artistic side if he wanted to achieve his career goal of working in the video game industry. It turned out to be a brilliant strategy. After graduating from Purdue in 2001 […]

Meet visiting artist Anna Ridler

Mosaic Virus

Once upon a time in the Netherlands, people were willing to spend astronomical sums of money on tulip bulbs. The “tulip mania” that swept through Europe in the 17th century is often referred to as the first recorded speculative bubble, where the going rate for a good far exceeds its fundamental value. But while “tulip […]