Studying religion at Purdue

Purdue Religion 1

Religion is a bigger part of Purdue’s history than most people realize, but studying religion at Purdue is a fairly recent development. In fact, the two of us have witnessed, and actively participated in, most of it – Jim as a sociologist of religion, Don as a philosopher emphasizing Eastern religions, especially Buddhism. Here is the story, as we understand […]

Partnering with the people


The initial aim of the Agincourt Health and Socio-Demographic Surveillance System was to assess and improve local health processes in a rural region of northeast South Africa. However, the work done there over the last 27 years has evolved beyond the boundaries of that simple objective. Since the site launched in 1992 – at the […]

Meet Robin Stryker

Robin Stryker

When it comes to Robin Stryker’s hiring, Linda Renzulli is pleased that she accepted the challenge. Renzulli, the head of sociology, wanted to beef up the Law and Society graduate program to mirror the success it has enjoyed among undergraduates. But when she would ask colleagues at conferences to suggest a professor who could help […]