Reason to add Korean

Seoul lights

Purdue’s global engineering program experienced a problem that became increasingly common in recent years as South Korea’s global industrial presence continued to grow. The number of students interested in traveling to South Korea for jobs or internships was increasing, but Purdue did not offer the language courses that would best prepare them for these opportunities. “If you notice […]

Meet Emerging Voice Award winner Sarah Kyle

Sarah Kyle

Sarah Kyle remembers studying political science as a Purdue undergraduate and realizing that she wanted to someday work in Washington, D.C., influencing the legislative process just like those she saw on C-SPAN video clips in class. Kyle achieved that goal by working as a congressional staff member for Rep. Tim Roemer and Sen. Evan Bayh […]

Human rights on the move

Although she had never visited Hungary before, the setting seemed familiar to Sophie Wu as she walked the streets of Budapest this summer. The drab housing structures and gray architecture remaining from the city’s stint behind the Iron Curtain were eerily similar to the area where she grew up in Beijing. “Where I grew up […]