Reducing the stigma around mental health

Wendy Kline

“Mental health” has become a topic of frequent conversation on college campuses. Universities across the United States are grappling with ways to create a positive atmosphere for their students, but what does it mean to nurture mental health in education? Is it through medical services alone? And what do we know about mental healthcare today? […]

Forging interdisciplinary conversations

Ann Shanahan

Shortly before she started in her new role as chair of the theatre department, a colleague shared with Ann Shanahan an inspiring reminder of what involvement in the arts can do for an individual, and in turn for the world. The article explained the role that music and theatre played in the college life of […]

Illuminating artistic possibilities

At a fundamental level, a unique research collaboration in the Patti & Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance involves programming wearable movement sensors that allow performers to control the stage lighting schemes. And yet the project is about so much more than that. The research that Rich Dionne, a clinical assistant professor and […]