Broadening perspectives

Statue of Liberty

An American Studies program could easily become an exercise in navel-gazing, with U.S.-born scholars and students examining the nation’s role as a global leader. Purdue’s 55-year-old American Studies program – one of the oldest of its kind – does not take that approach. It prides itself on its international ties, with multiple faculty members who […]

Filtering ethics into data science

Data Science

Even in Purdue’s Lawson Computer Science Building – home to the first computer science department created in the United States – it is possible to find a link to the liberal arts. A group of undergraduate and graduate students from a wide variety of disciplines will meet at Lawson in May for a tech workshop […]

STEM + Gender

Why was it not standard practice for automakers to use pregnant crash-test dummies in accident simulations? Why do plumbers and electricians talk about inserting “male” connectors into “female” receptacles? Why do old science buildings on college campuses frequently have a glaring shortage of women’s restrooms? The narrow viewpoint that all too often characterized scientific work […]