Sign of the times

Signs for letters A,S & L

Lauren Romanchek remembers the moment from her childhood when Santa Claus became real. It happened while watching a memorable scene in the 1994 remake of “Miracle on 34th Street,” where Santa meets a Deaf child and is able to communicate with her – singing “Jingle Bells” and discussing her Christmas wish list – by using […]

Vehicle for change

West Lafayette police car

The nature and scope of American policework underwent massive change across the last century, and one factor drove much of that evolution: the automobile’s emergence as a viable, and eventually dominant, form of transportation. The car’s role was so pivotal, in fact, that Spencer Headworth, an assistant professor of sociology, developed an entire course around […]

Showing the way

Mentorship chat

Not so long ago, Macey Warren was a Brian Lamb School of Communication upperclassman who felt uncertain about how to take her first professional steps. “I was really nervous about how to message someone on LinkedIn and ask for their time or how to ask them about their role,” said Warren, who graduated in 2019 […]