Grading Indiana inclusivity


On the Tuesday and Thursday mornings before finals week, Jay McCann’s class, a group of seniors on the brink of graduation, gave out varying grades – C-minus, B-plus, D-plus, A – to city councils, local businesses, and religious organizations. The students analyzed the various aspects of civic life and how well they served growing immigrant […]

Fanciful footwear

Chris Francis

Chris Francis used to jump trains and shine shoes. He traveled the United States extensively using this economical technique, but decided to settle down in Los Angeles as moving about by train grew more difficult. There, Francis began to dabble in making clothes, eventually turning to one of the most critical aspects of the wardrobe: […]

Reducing the stigma around mental health

Wendy Kline

“Mental health” has become a topic of frequent conversation on college campuses. Universities across the United States are grappling with ways to create a positive atmosphere for their students, but what does it mean to nurture mental health in education? Is it through medical services alone? And what do we know about mental healthcare today? […]