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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for adding a Degree+ major?

  1. Research your degree options within College of Liberal Arts
  2. Explore the unique opportunities CLA offers
  3. If a student would like more information on the Degree Plus major or to speak with a CLA advisor to help plan or make a decision 
    1. Ask your advisor to submit a CLA Degree Plus alert in Boiler Connect OR 
    2. Email to request an appointment with a CLA advisor for your intended Degree Plus major
      • You will receive an email from a CLA advisor to schedule an appointment to speak with them about your interest in the Degree Plus major.
  4. Student notifies current academic advisor of desire to add CLA Degree+ major
    1. Current advisor submits curriculum change request (CODO)
    2. CLA representative reviews change request and approves or denies based on CODO requirements
    3. Student receives automated email confirming change has been approved
    4. Note: Email will be a form email from and may look like spam or end up in spam folder
    5. Student approves request in MyPurdue: Academic tab, Personal Information and “Review Your CODO Requests”
    6. CODO is processed by Registrar’s Office and confirmation email sent
    7. New CLA advisor sends welcome email

If you have any questions regarding adding a Liberal Arts major, please email

Degree+ offers students the opportunity to complete an undergraduate Liberal Arts bachelor of arts degree program in combination with another undergraduate degree program at Purdue University West Lafayette. Students who are actively pursuing a major in both the Liberal Arts and another college/school (College of Agriculture, College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Health and Human Sciences, Krannert School of Management, College of Pharmacy, Purdue Polytechnic Institute, College of Science, and College of Veterinary Medicine) will have the Liberal Arts core waived while maintaining progress toward completion of the outside degree program. For many students, this makes the completion of two (or more) degrees more manageable!

Yes, all students who began at Purdue in Fall 2013 or later are required to complete the University Core Curriculum. More information about the University Core Curriculum can be found here:

Yes! Some academic programs will require students to participate in an internship experience, but for those that do not, students can pursue internships alongside their academic plan of study. We encourage students in the College of Liberal Arts to speak with their academic advisor and the staff in the Career Center regarding internship opportunities.

Yes, students who study abroad typically receive credit towards degree requirements (with careful planning with an academic advisor and a study abroad advisor), so students can study abroad and remain on pace for graduation.

No, Degree+ is designed for students pursuing a degree in a major outside of the College of Liberal Arts as well as a major within the College of Liberal Arts. Students in Liberal Arts who are pursuing majors ONLY within the College of Liberal Arts are still required to complete the Liberal Arts core.

Yes, you can use transfer credits towards the Liberal Arts degree requirements but there are some restrictions with regard to the number of major classes for which a student can transfer credit. Speak with your advisor before taking classes at another institution to ensure those credits can be applied towards your degree program.

Students should work with their academic advisor to develop a plan that ensures both degrees will be completed at the same time. If circumstances require that you complete your Liberal Arts requirements before the other degree’s requirements, you must complete the degree outside Liberal Arts in order to have the Liberal Arts core waived for degree completion.

This will depend on the classes you plan to take and the requirements of your academic programs. Please check with your academic advisor if you have questions about a class that may count towards multiple requirements.

Degree+ waives the Liberal Arts core for completion of the bachelor of arts degree through a major in Liberal Arts. Other majors/degree programs at Purdue may require completion of a foreign language for the degree. Please check with your academic advisor for more information.

If you choose to pursue a College of Liberal Arts major ONLY (and drop the other major or academic program), you will be required to complete the College of Liberal Arts core. The Liberal Arts core is only waived for students who actively pursue and complete another degree program outside of Liberal Arts.

Yes, if you choose to return to Purdue for a second bachelor’s degree at Purdue West Lafayette and your major of choice is within the College of Liberal Arts, we will waive the Liberal Arts core requirements. However, you must still complete all other degree requirements (including the University Core Curriculum) for the Liberal Arts degree.

No, Degree+ is only available to students at the Purdue West Lafayette campus.