Electronic and Time-Based Art
Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art and Performance, Purdue University


MFA Curriculum

Course number Course title Credit hours
AD55000 Research Methods 3 cr
AD55800 Directed Project Research in Studio Arts 3 cr
AD60100 MFA Orientation 0 cr
AD60300 Critical Theory 3 cr
various Art History 6 cr
various Open Electives (studio or lecture) 9 cr
AD61400 Graduate Critique/Installation 3 cr
AD61600 ETB Studio Concentration 18 cr
AD65800 MFA Project Research in Studio Arts 12 cr
AD69700 MFA Graduate Exhibition 3 cr


Thesis Option – Total 66 credit hours
ADD to the above mentioned courses:
AD69800 Research MFA Thesis 6 cr


Download a sample 6 semester schedule for graduate studies in Electronic and Time-Based Art based on the above list of required courses: six_semester_schedule.pdf (.pdf, 112KB)