Electronic and Time-Based Art
Patti and Rusty Rueff School of Design, Art and Performance, Purdue University


Visual Resource Library, PAO 3121F


Kathy Evans
Visual Resources Librarian
Office: PAO 3121F
Phone: 765-494-7666
E-mail: kathyat signpurdue.edu

Kathy Evans has been the curator of the Visual Resources Collection since 1988. She holds a BFA and MLS from Indiana University and an MA from Purdue University. Kathy is a member of the Visual Resources Association, currently serving on the Intellectual Property Rights committee.

The Visual Resources Center Collection in PAO 3121F is a teaching resource supported by the Department of Visual and Performing Arts. The primary function of this collection is to supply visual resources to meet the teaching needs of the faculty in the Division of Art and Design. With approval from the VRC Librarian, faculty from other Purdue University departments may use the collection for teaching Purdue University courses.

The VRC collection evolved as a browsing collection using a natural language system of organization. We have approximately 160,000 analog slides, and 11,700 digital images (53,500 of them are cataloged in a Filemaker Pro database.) We also have a collection of 902 books, 119 VHS tapes and 47 DVDs (download a list of current DVD and VHS titles as Excel spreadsheet here) with the predominant subject emphasis in art and art history related topics. We subscribe to eight journals and magazines to encourage research by faculty and students in the course of their studio practice. We support the documentation of student work and maintain course study pages for the web. At times we also engage in video documentation of departmental events and classes.

The equipment we checkout includes: slide projectors, slide carousels, flat screen TV monitors, JVC studio monitors, fluid head tripods, Smith-Victor light hoods and stands, and a TV on a cart with a VCR/DVD player.

Currently, access to the collection is through browsing and subject search onsite. Videos and DVDs are for instructional purposes and are not available for public performance.

Our website is under construction with updated information on digital policies. Remote access to the database and images is in progress.