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The Human Rights Studies Minor  

Students enrolled in the Human Rights Studies Minor at Purdue will develop a comprehensive knowledge of human rights history, theory, and practice.

Those engaged with literature, history, political science, philosophy, art, culture, or religion will have their understanding improved and research deepened by understanding how human rights concepts have been practiced, the philosophical tensions at their foundations, and the historical circumstances of their development. Human rights concepts remain central to international relations and development work. Anyone who wants to work in these fields, or study their history and nature, would benefit from the Human Rights Studies Minor. This minor will not only be useful to students in disciplines that have traditionally taken human rights as an object of study, but also for students whose professional goals involve international business, science, agriculture, and sustainable development.


Faculty affiliated with the Human Rights program offer courses in several departments. Below is a list of courses that are either required for, or contribute toward, the Human Rights Studies Minor. All undergraduates enrolled in the Human Rights Studies Minor are required to take HIST 33805: History of Human Rights.

For more information on the courses that count towards the Human Rights Studies Minor please see our detailed Plan of Study.

Core Classes

HIST 33805: History of Human Rights
PHIL 24000: Social and Political Philosophy
PHIL 26000: Philosophy and Law
POL 43300: International Organization

POL 43801: International Human Rights


ANTH 20500: Human Cultural Diversity
ANTH 21500: Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 33600: Human Variation
ANTH 34000: Global Perspectives on Health
ANTH 37900: Native American Cultures
ANTH 38000: Using Anthropology in the World
Critical Disability Studies
CDIS 23900: Introduction to Disability Studies
HIST 30000: Eve of Destruction: Global Crises & World Organization in the 20th Century
HIST 30605: Technology and War in U.S. History
HIST 32900: History of Women in Modern Europe
HIST 33700: Europe in the Age of the Cold War
HIST 38300: Recent American Constitutional History
HIST 40500: The French Revolution and Napoleon 
HIST 40800: Dictatorship and Democracy: Europe 1919-1945
HIST 41300: Modern European Imperialism: Repression and Resistance
HIST 46900: Black Civil Rights Movement
HIST 59500: The Holocaust and Genocide
PHIL 11400: Global Moral Issues
PHIL 27000: Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 28000: Ethics and Animals
PHIL 29000: Environmental Ethics
PHIL 55500: Critical Theory
Political Science
POL 13000: Introduction to International Relations
POL 14100: Governments of the World
POL 15000: Introduction to Political Thought
POL 22200: Women, Politics, and Public Policy
POL 23500: International Relations Among Rich and Poor Nations
POL 32600: Black Political Participation in America
POL 32700: Global Green Politics
POL 36000: Women and the Law
SOC 32800: Criminal Justice
SOC 41900: Sociology of Law