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2019 Results

Results of 2019 Contest


Speech Division

Level 1

1. Swagat Bhattacharyya (一年生の生活/Freshman’s life)
2. Tingyue Wang (スタバのコーヒー/Foreign names on coffee cups)
3. Summer Von Schwartzwalder (私の将来の夢/My dream for the future)

level 1 winners


Level 2

1. Hugh Smith (ハーフ/ “Half”)
2. Elizabeth LaFollette (兄と友達/ Brother & friend)
3. Pengyu Chen (日本人についての思い出/ Memory about Japanese people)

level 2 winners


Level 3

1. Taiyang Gong (恋の意味/ The meaning of love)
2. Zheren Wang (語学と私の物語/ The story between language learning and I)
3. Zining Ji (大学生活の思い出/ The memories of my university life)

level 3 winners