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Welcome to the website of the Purdue Russian Program.  Our website will provide you with information about Russian courses, majoring or minoring in Russian, the Russian faculty, Russian Program activities outside the classroom, and other information about Russian and studying Russian.

Russian is an important world language and Russia has a rich culture which is notably different from that of Western Europe.  The Russian Program offers courses in the Russian language from the first through fourth year, as well as courses in Russian literature, Russian linguistics, and Russian civilization and culture.  Click to see a list of courses that will be offered in the coming semester.

Many students choose to major or minor in Russian. Students with a good working knowledge of the Russian language and Russian culture have an advantage in applying for many types of jobs in the modern world.  You can find information about majoring or minoring in Russian and the requirements for majors or minors .

The Purdue Russian Program extends outside the classroom as well.  We hold a weekly tea hour that allows students from all levels of Russian to meet, play games and practice their Russian in informal conversation.  Sometimes international students from Russia or other Russian-speaking countries come too, which provides an opportunity for wider cultural contact.  There is also the Russian Club (a student organization), which holds a variety of different activities of interest.

Prospective employers take note of Russian on a resume.  Students who have studied Russian along with another major report that they often get asked about their Russian studies during job interviews.  Some have felt that having Russian listed on their transcript or resume was an important factor that helped them to get the interview.  

Knowledge of Russian can form an important pillar of support for an interesting career and can greatly enhance the possibilities for entering and advancing in a wide variety of occupations.  Graduates from the Purdue Russian Program have gotten jobs in government agencies, and also in business, marketing, banking, accounting, teaching, journalism, and advertising.  One graduate of the Russian Program is an administrator with the U.S. Olympic Committee and was the Team Leader for the U.S. team at the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi.  (Now, that’s the way to make use of your Russian!)  Other graduates are also making direct use of their Russian, and some are even employed in Russia.  

Continue your Russian study at Purdue, or start Russian now and begin an exciting and challenging language that can open doors for the future!