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About the Russian Program

The Russian Program offers a range of courses in language, literature, linguistics, and culture. Coursework is supplemented by a large library of video and audio materials in the Foreign Languages Media Center, as well as by various activities outside the classroom, including the Russian Club (Русский кружок), the Russian honor society (Добро слово), and the weekly Russian tea and conversation hour (Чашка чая) .

Students at Purdue can major, minor, or receive a Certificate of Achievement in Russian.  Russian Majors receive a B.A. degree in Liberal Arts.

Students in Russia can also participate in various study abroad programs in Russia sponsored by Purdue through the Study Abroad Office.

Russian Program graduates, in addition to finding employment in business, government, and non-governmental organizations, often pursue graduate work and/or choose careers as teachers of Russian at the high school level, sometimes combining the teaching of Russian with another area of expertise.  Graduates of the Russian Program have found jobs in government agencies as well as with companies engaged in international business, publishing companies, libraries, and other enterprises.

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