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English Pedagogy Showcase

March 30, 2023, 9:00am to 1:30pm, Heavilon Hall Third Floor

Deadline for submissions: March 22, 2023, at noon EDT

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The English Pedagogy Showcase is an annual (we hope!) symposium that highlights our innovative pedagogy and research. We encourage all instructors and students to participate in the poster sessions or lightning talks—regardless of what you teach or your position in the department.

One poster and one lightning talk will be awarded “Best in Show.” Runners-up in each category will be awarded. There will also be a category for best poster from a mentee (any graduate student who participated in any mentor group this academic year). All awards will have honoraria as well.

This year’s showcase will take place on Thursday, March 30, 2023, from 9:00am to 1:00pm on the third floor of Heavilon Hall, with refreshments in HEAV320. This is a drop-in event. Many of our events overlap different class times, so that folks can join as they are able.


All events in HEAV 320 unless otherwise noted.

Time Event & location (if not Heav 320)
8:00am Poster presentations can begin setting up (HEAV 3rd floor hallway)
9:00am Donuts & welcome reception
9:30–11:00am Poster presentations (HEAV 3rd floor hallway)
11:00–11:15am Refreshments break
11:15am–12:15pm Lightning talks (Heav223)
12:30–1:45pm Lunch 
1:00pm Awards ceremony 

A full program can be found here.

Poster Presentations

Presenters do not need to be with their posters for the entire time of the event, but should expect faculty judges to attend between 9:30–11:00am.

Posters should be 36" × 48" or 48" × 36".

Assistance for preparing posters is available, both on the ICaP web site and by contacting ICaP.

Lightning Talks

This year we have room for ten 3-minute lightning talks. Instructors are encouraged to have a visual aid, such as a PowerPoint slide, and should practice their “pitch” in advance. The “Best in Show” award for this category will be decided by popular vote from the audience. The spots for the lightning talks will be awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Lightning talks will take place in HEAV 206 from 11:15am–12:15pm. Remote participation in lightning talks will be available.

Submission Instructions

Instructors may present any aspect of their pedagogical theory, practice, or planning, across all programs and subjects in English. Those who are not currently teaching are also welcome to present. Pedagogy does not need to focus on first-year composition.

To participate, please complete this Qualtrics form. Your name, presentation title, and short description will be included in the English Pedagogy Showcase program and published on the English website.

Instructors interested in participating should fill out the Qualtrics form no later than noon EDT, Wednesday, March 22. We will review submissions on a rolling basis, beginning Thursday, February 9. To encourage participation, no submission shared before Tuesday, March 7 will be rejected, though we may ask for a revise-and-resubmit.

We look forward to hearing about your awesome teaching!


Please contact the ICaP staff if you have questions. Again, we are coordinating this event, but it is open to everyone in the Department of English.

Previous ‘Best in Show’ Winners

2020 Poster Session

Best in show:
Best in Show: Allegra Smith, “Social Entrepreneurship: A Frame for Business Writing” 
Runner up:
Alisha Karabinus, “He’s a Wolf!”—Social Deception Games in the Composition Classroom”

2019 Poster Session

Best in show:

Sweta Baniya, “Engaging with Community via Digital Communication Practices”

Runners up:

Tony Bushner, “Teaching Visual Design & Accessibility Through Games in the PW/TC Classroom”
Libby Chernouski, “Theories of Language: Ancient to Contemporary”
Alejandra Ortega, “Joining the Conversation: Scaffolding Research Proposals in First Year Composition”

2019 Lightning Talks

First Place:

Allegra Smith, “Rhetorical History & Future for Audience Analysis"

Second Place:

Daniel Ernst, “Technical Metaphors and the Lemonade Stand"

Third Place:

Joe Forte, “In the District: Writing About Chauncey Hill"

Honorable mention:

Erin McNulty, “Importance of A Revision Unit in First-Year Writing"