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Teaching Assistantship

To Whom to Apply: Department (as part of application for admission to graduate program) 

Method of Selection: Teaching Assistantships are awarded by the DOH based on merit in competition with other applicants to the graduate program as recommended by the Graduate Committee. The precise terms of your appointment and your eligibility for renewal are stated in your first letter of appointment. Even for students admitted with a multi-year promise of support, renewal is contingent on making satisfactory progress toward the degree (see "Evaluation and Progress toward the Degree").

Stipend: Approximately $20,800 for half-time employment in teaching, for the academic year. 

Tuition and Fees: Remitted except for general service fees.

Dependency Allotment: None

Medical Insurance: T.A.s are eligible for a University subsidized health insurance program.

U.S. Citizenship: Not required.