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Waltmann Award

Purpose: This award is given in honor of Professor Henry G. Waltmann , who was a faculty member in the Department of History from 1962 until his death in 1978. Phi Alpha Theta is an international history honor society which is devoted to increasing the knowledge of history in its members via guest speakers, conferences, and activities. The Purdue affiliate is committed to this goal and works to provide an atmosphere where members can gain more knowledge about history, provide opportunities to meet history professors, and establish a group that will enable members to develop relationships with other history majors.

Criteria and selection: Selected by Phi Alpha Theta, annually, the student must be an outstanding junior in history, be active in Phi Alpha Theta, and have an excellent academic record and good qualities of citizenship.

Award: The Nu Omega chapter of Phi Alpha Theta presents the $200 Waltmann award. The award is to be used during the recipient's senior year.