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M.A. Program News

Below we share news on the M.A. in Philosophy for International Students, as well as the program's current students and graduates. Updates on the program and our people will be posted here regularly.

Student Spotlight

Learn more about Zhang Tian, one of our current graduate students, in this wonderful "Student Spotlight" from the PLaCE program.

PLaCE Student Spotlight Article about Zhang Tian

A Student Perspective


Recent program graduate Jiusi Guo shares the following on his experience in the program:

I came to Purdue in the fall of 2020 after Purdue had offered me admission into the Philosophy for International Students M.A. Program. Due to COVID, my first year in the program was through remote teaching and learning. During the two years of M.A. studies here, I have methodically honed my English writing skills in courses specifically designed for non-native English speakers in Philosophy (PHIL 571 and 572). My writing has since improved significantly and I was able to produce a high-quality writing sample and statement of purpose for my application package for a US-based Ph.D. program in Philosophy. Also, my regular Philosophy courses were excellent for my intellectual growth and my knowledge of philosophical theories and cultural practices specific to academia, and Philosophy in particular, in the US. Early this semester, Spring 2022, I accepted an admission offer from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), where I will continue my graduate studies. Studying at Purdue proved to be a great option for me as it helped me carve out a successful path toward my ultimate goal: a Ph.D. in Philosophy that is portable within the United States and outside of it. I would like to express my deep appreciation to all of my professors for their support and guidance.

Student Awards


Xuechen Guo, second-year graduate student, has been awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment by the Philosophy for International Students M.A. Program for having reached a significantly higher level of English vocabulary proficiency in just one semester (Fall 2021 to beginning of Spring 2022). Congratulations, Xuechen!

Xuechen says:

The M.A. program has helped me improve my writing skills so much. It has also helped me find a research topic that I feel passionate about.