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NEW! AMAP Interdisciplinary Methods Certificate

The advanced methods training provided through the AMAP graduate certificate will combine formal and informal training with experiential learning in order to promote the rigorous, multimethod investigation of pressing theoretical questions in the behavioral, health, and social sciences. This is achieved by incorporating diverse qualitative and quantitative methods and immersion in interdisciplinary environments.

This certificate will train the next generation of scholars to respond to novel challenges in the behavioral, health, and social sciences with the methodological rigor and multidisciplinary view needed to lead groundbreaking scientific endeavors. The interdisciplinary nature of this certificate will facilitate collaborations among diverse sets of instructors and students.

The AMAP graduate certificate is the only interdisciplinary training program available for graduate students seeking to develop advanced methodological skills that cover the wide breadth of methods used in the behavioral, health, and social sciences. The Advanced Methods in the Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences Certificate is an exciting opportunity to develop and practice real skills in interdisciplinary methods. Students will gain state-of-the-art data analysis skills in the social, behavioral, and health sciences as well as practical experience in consulting on and teaching research design and analysis.

This program is housed in the Graduate School and more information can be found at the website for the AMAP Interdisciplinary Methods Certificate