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Highlights from Recent Events

Esteemed guest speaker John Feerick, Fordham School of Law, enjoying luncheon prior to his talk Presidential Succession and Fitness for Office.

PAIR Undergraduate Statehouse Tour, Indianapolis 



Dr. Jason Roberts, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Interpersonal Relationships and Legislative Collaboration


Dr. Mike Olson, Washington University, St. Louis
Deep South Disfranchisement:  State Legislative Politics and Black Disfranchisement in Mississippi and South Carolina in the Late 19th Century
Co-Sponsored by the Purdue Department of History




Dr. Varun Rai, University of Texas at Austin
What Crises Teach Us and What We Learn:  Insight for extreme-event resilience from the Texas electricity market since the 2021 blackouts
Co-sponsored by the Purdue University Institute for a Sustainable Future


 Dr. Guy Grossman, University of Pennsylvania
Do More Disaggregated Electoral Results Deter Aggregation Fraud?






Visiting Scholar

2023-24 Ford Fellowship Postoctoral Fellowship award winner Vanessa Cruz Nichols is in residencey in Purdue's political science department as she completes work on her book Catalyzing Political Action.

  Proud to Introduce Our Newest PhDs

Dr. Russell Hall

Dr. Jieyeon Kim

Dr. Sharonda Woodford


Congratulations Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore Cummings
2022 Purdue College of Liberal Arts Distinguished Alumni Award