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Brandon on handDance Minor Description

The Division of Dance in the Patti and Rusty School of Design, Art, and Performance offers a 17-19 credit minor that offers engagement in dance to students at Purdue University. Our mission is to provide students with an understanding of the art of dance and the opportunity to develop their individual expressive voice. Dedicated to giving minors the chance to explore various dance techniques while pursuing majors in other fields, the Division of Dance promotes investigative research in choreography, performance and related interdisciplinary arts. The Dance Minor at Purdue University prepares students for careers directly related to dance while allowing opportunities to increase creative and interpersonal communication skills that are valuable in every professional field.

Dance Minors have opportunities to perform and choreograph throughout the year. These performances include Purdue Contemporary Dance Company main stage concert, XWorks (student directed concert), and other less formal concert venues (Xperimental Concert and Dance Xchange). The Division of Dance encourages dancers to contribute creatively to the rehearsal process as well as instructing them in how to perform with technical and expressive proficiency on stage. Although there is no required audition for declaring a Dance Minor at Purdue University, auditions are required for other performance opportunities.


Requirements for Minor