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Courses - Fall 2024

ARAB 10100 - Standard Arabic Level I
Section 1: MTW (TBD) 
       Section 2: MTW (TBD)
Introduction to Modern Standard Arabic: the writing and sound systems, and systematic presentation of basic grammatical structures. Reading, writing, and vocabulary building are emphasized throughout. The course also includes an introduction to Arab culture. No previous knowledge of Arabic required. Permission of department required.
3.000 Credit hours. 

ARAB 20100 - Standard Arabic Level III 
           (MTR – 3:30-4:20 pm)
This course is designed to allow students to use the grammar and vocabulary acquired in the first two semesters in dealing with specific social situations. Continued improvement of conversational, reading, and writing abilities and expansion of vocabulary.
3.000 Credit hours. 

ARAB 28000 - Arabic Culture 
           (TR - 10:30-11:45 am)
A historical and literary survey of defining characteristics of Arabic culture from pre-Islamic times to the modern period.
3.000 Credit hours.


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