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Courses - Spring 2024

ARAB 10200 - Standard Arabic Level II
Section 1: MTW (9:30-10:20 am) 
       Section 2: MTW (10:30-11:20 am)
Continued presentation of the basic structures of Arabic grammar and expansion of vocabulary. Reading and writing will be emphasized.
3.000 Credit hours. 

ARAB 20200 - Standard Arabic Level IV 
           (MTR – 3:30-4:20 pm)
Increased mastery of the four language skills, with emphasis on reading and translation using materials from literary classical and modern Arabic. The course includes a study of some parts of the Koran.
3.000 Credit hours 

ARAB 28100 - Intro duction to Islamic Civilization & Culture 
           (TR - 12:00-1:15 pm)
This course is a survey of broad currents in the cultures, thought and civilization of the Muslim world. It emphasizes religious, intellectual and cultural trends, social and political structures and contemporary issues of Muslim societies within the current global cultural world. Taught in English.
3.000 Credit hours


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